As the COVID 19 Pandemic affects more and more in our region we are seeing as a result more and more people living with long COVID.

Supports are available for people living with long COVID through the Long COVID clinic at the UC Rehabilitation Hospital

If symptoms persist or if the clinic is not for you, you may wish to undertake one of our self help programs for people living with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Long COVID. The program runs every term and is a 8 week, one hour a week, program that assists you to reset your life, your goals, learn how to pace activities, and learn how to understand and communicate with others your needs. For more information email robyn@arthritisact.org.au and ask about our self help course. The course is run alternatively face to face one term and online the next. Face to face sessions occur in Pearce and in Bruce.

Further information regarding long COVID can be found in many media articles including this one from The Age

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